Kitchen Pantry

The Kitchen pantry is the small room or the large cabinet in a kitchen which is used as a storage space for the non-refrigerated food items and possibly even cleaning items. Previously known by the name as cellar or larder, the pantry used to be a dark room with the shelves to preserve the perishable food items. Moreover, the importance and purpose of a pantry have also been evolved with time to time. Now, they are airy which is included within the kitchen, and use modern accessories for efficient storage. A pantry with good organizations is also essential for the contemporary kitchen. So, below are some of the pantry organizations tips that can be easily be implemented to make the life much simpler and more comfortable.

Take out everything, first thing first

For an organized pantry remove everything from the shelves. By removing everything from the pantry, a user is able to evaluate what they have and determine their storage requirements accordingly. Also, eliminating all the unnecessary items frees up some of the extra space. Toss out any of the expired food items and donate any food that is not much needed. Then designate each food items by type: salty snacks, sweet snacks, and breakfast items, etc.

Kitchen Pantry1Keep it fresh

Many of the food items stay fresh in the glass of clear containers. The clear, airtight containers keep both the breakfast cereals and baking supplies fresher and healthier. They also make the food items much easier to see and save the space of the bulky packaging.

Equipment storage

If equipment is stored in the pantry, then selected equipment should be stored near the necessary ingredients. For example, baking pans, cake mold, and mixing bowls should be stored in the pantry near the baking supplies.

Label Snacks

Any of the snack items should be stored in the baskets for everybody, even kids, to access as necessary. All the baskets should be labeled accordingly: breakfast bars, salty, sweet etc. In fact, the snack section can easily be created as a kid zone, where they can simply pull out the basket and grab a snack at any time. Snacks are the best stored at the midlevel to allow even the smaller members to reach for quick access.

Kitchen Pantry1

Store Group items together

Items that are used together should be stored in a single container or the same area. For example, breakfast items such as the granola and cereals should be in a single basket so that all the items are accessible immediately. Even the tea/coffee items can be stored in the same areas to have the much easier and quicker access, saving both the energy and time.

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