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The interior design embraces all the elements of a house that consists of flooring, ceiling, lights, furniture, upholstery, accessories, windows, doors and electronic items, hardware cement, electric wiring, plaster, and plumbing.

Once you bought with an apartment, your work does not finish here; your next step is to design your new home. Designing a home is, not an easy task, it even involves hard work and time which we all lack in our hectic schedules and interior design is the best person to do work.

Why Opt for an Interior Designer?

Interior design has a technical knowledge that helps him or her to plan the space according to your requirements. He goes via the entire space and suggests an effective layout for the numerous functions with suitable design options to add a visual appeal. After the visitor with the help of a floor plan, they create a 2D or 3D design of the space and even give you an estimate of the cost and the time that will be involved in it while designing your new home.

Interior Designing Includes Following Elements:

1. Color Palette and Texture

Once the interior designer completes the drawing of the layout; then they decide the color of the wall ceilings and furniture for every room accordingly. Once the colors of every room are finalized, the next step is to add the texture, furniture, fabrics, and some other decorative accessories such as the carpet and curtain complete the look.

2. Flooring

For flooring, quartz and marbles are the best options. The flooring material may even range from the economical tiles for the expensive marbles in the different colors, design, and sizes. Both the quartz and marble are available in large sizes that give a seamless look. Once the marble is fixed, then it needs to be polished to avoid any of the damage.

3. Furniture and Woodwork

Your interior designer will help you to select the furniture that compliments the look and seamlessly utilize the space. There are many other types of woods such as the MDF, Plywood, Particle Boards, etc. For each room, there are different furniture. For example, living rooms are decorated with the help of ottoman, center table, sofas, similarly for the bedroom – dressing area, a perfect bed, and side table is required.

4. Accessories and Furnishing

Accessories and furnishing uplift the entire look of the house. Each room has an individual requirement; your interior designer will suggest you the best accessories that even goes well with the room and fits in your budget.

5. Installation

Now, the last and final step of the home interior includes the installation of the modular kitchen and modular and custom made furniture in all the room. Visit now Planmyinterior for the interior products.

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