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Blue is a very tricky color to be added in the kitchen. If it not designed appropriately, a kitchen can look extremely gloomy. Then there is are the countless shade of blue. Will this blue look too dark or will be that blue look too bright? We all are aware of the confusion associated with your kitchen colors. To ease up the entire process, we have simply outlined the favorite true blue kitchens below:

Pastel White and Blue:

Pastel blue adds a light an airy element to any of the kitchens. Contrary to its darker shades, this blue lightens up a room and adds a bit of a rustic vibe to the kitchen. As a color, pastel blue is so unique that you won’t see it is very often.

Navy Blue and White:

Navy Blue and white is one of the more prominent combinations in a blue modular kitchen. The navy blue is balanced out by the white, which even gives a kitchen a more open appearance. This combination is perfect for smaller kitchen spaces.

Blue Kitchens We Love | PlanmyinteriorRoyal Blue cabinets:

Royal blue cabinets give a kitchen a very sleek and much more modern look. It is complemented with the silver appearances and white countertop. The royal blue tastefully stands out. Due to it being darker color, it is ideal for smaller open kitchen, where the color is the focal point of any larger room.

Aqua Blue:

Aqua Blue is a modern and beautiful color that adds uniqueness to your kitchen. As a rare color, it creates an immediate statement to your modular kitchen, and can easily be complemented with a wide range of colors: white, brown, copper and silver, etc.

Grey Blue Cabinets:

Grey blue is another very different color for your kitchen. The grey gives the kitchen a very classy and more sophisticated look, and it greatly complements any living space.

Kitchens We Love | PlanmyinteriorBlue Backsplash:

Another way to add blue to a kitchen is a blue backsplash. A blue backsplash can be a single, solid color or a wide range of shades that give or tile like a look.

So, these are a few of the favorite and popular ways for adding the blue color to a kitchen. As any typical kitchen color, it is easily used to create a statement in your kitchen. At we provide a wide range of blue shades to complement your kitchen, and our designers are happy to assist in the ideal color combinations!

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