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Nowadays, most of the people have all eyes on Brazil, after the Olympic games of 2016. In the spirit of Olympic games, here are some of the Brazilian kitchen designs that can be used:

Simple Geometry:

Many of the contemporary Brazilian home interiors take inspiration from the modern design looks. These are having the simple straight lines in the cabinetry without any crowning, decorative or molding elements. The kitchen is no such exception. Most of the cabinetry in the kitchen is very straight and clean countertops and cabinetry. Be it a colorful or the neutral color palette, simplistic geometry is apparent throughout.

Brazilian Kitchen3

Emphasis on color:

Due to simpler structures, most Brazilian homes make up for it by adding the extensive amount of colors. Many kitchens have bright colors like pink, yellow, bright blue etc. These colors create that carnival-like atmosphere within a home. Even when a kitchen has a more neutral color palette, the entire kitchen comes to life with the colorful food items, plates and bowls. In Brazil, colors are sign of happiness. It is believed that this happiness should be a part of every home.

Bold patterns:

Many of the homes in Brazil also add some of the significant bold patterns to their entire home. Within a kitchen, bold patterns are often seen in the backsplashes of the kitchen or even in the cabinetry and chairs. Bold patterns bring the entire kitchen together and complement the entire scheme and theme by adding it to the cabinetry and the surrounding furniture.

Natural and Metallic Touches:

Along with the bold patterns and colors, overall kitchen design can also include the unique touches. Metallic touches can be seen in the appliances and backsplashes. While on the other hand the natural finish can be seen in the cabinetry and countertops. The natural finishes consist of a bamboo or wicker type look and are also readily complemented with the bright pops of the colors throughout.

Overall, the Brazilian cultures, brightness, culture embraces and a positive lifestyle.

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