Crazy Smart Gadgets for the Kitchen | PlanMyInterior

From the past few years, the concept of an open “connected home” is becoming much more popular. Various automation changes which are taking place to connect the kitchen to the living room and bedrooms. Nowadays, there are countless digital innovations that even bring an element of the surprise and sophistication just within the kitchen. The technology today is being designed to provide cooking assistance and convenience in the general kitchen processes. So, here are some of the crazy kitchen gadgets that can be easily added to the kitchen.

Touchscreen oven:

Now kitchens can include the ovens that have a memory of their own. Some advanced ovens are controlled with touchscreen or apps which offer several cooking programs and recipes right at your fingertips. These ovens are connected to a very detailed recipe database and use the home wifi to suggest any recipe which is based on the available ingredients. This advancement in using the oven saves so much of energy and time of looking up the recipe yourself.


Smart Gadgets3_PlanmyinteriorVoice-activated grill:

How does a voice-activated grill sound? This kitchen device is perfect for both the outdoor and indoor kitchen that even controls the temperature based on the vegetables and meat and the method of preparation. This grill is so much advanced that it eventually learns the user preferences of cooking and preps the food accordingly. Just along with the food prep, the user can even be notified with the help of a text message on their phone when the food is ready.

Wireless hobs:

These days even the cooking zone can be wireless. Wireless hobs are available to control the temperature and also communicate wirelessly with the chimney when the user starts the induction cooking.

Touch Screen control on the refrigerator:

Just like the other kitchen gadgets, even the refrigerators are incorporating a touchscreen option, which also adds to the essential functions of the appliances itself. Smart refrigerators have some of the special controls that rapidly reduce the temperature to quickly cool; groceries or even the special lighting to increase the vitamins of vegetables and fruits and simply protect them.


Smart Gadgets_PlanmyinteriorOverall the future of the kitchen is with the small appliances and increased use of technology. This concept of the “connected home” will now become part of our daily lives as we simply move forward in the near future.