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Modular kitchens are hugely popular and famous in India. As a prime room of the house, homeowners are investing more and more in the overall aesthetics and practically of a modular kitchen, within their home. Moreover, finalizing the modular kitchen can be challenging. First, you have to consider quality and budget, then come to the final decisions for accessories, layout, finishes, and colors. Moreover, before all of the smaller decisions, the first question is whether to go for a locally made or the European made modular kitchen. The difference between the two is given below.


Indian style modular kitchen is more popular and receives more visits and recognition than European style modular kitchens. In India, there is a number of foreign players for modular kitchens. Moreover, there are also a large number of number players, and then there are other players that import modular kitchens from places such as Italy.

European Modular Kitchens| PlanmyinteriorPrice:

European style kitchens are typically more expensive. These kitchens can go up to Rs 15-25 lakhs and are designed for the higher-end customer. Moreover, Indian style modular kitchens can start as low as Rs 1.5 lakh and can go up to 5-6 lakhs depending on the design elements and features.


European style modular kitchens are composed of premium quality raw materials. Moreover, the price grows exponentially with the use of high-quality materials. In Indian style kitchens, the quality of the kitchen cabinet is lower, keeping it budget friendly for today consumer. At, we are able to provide the exact, European style finish, and lower price points.


The overall layout in both the European and Indian style modular kitchens differs slightly. Indian style kitchens are known to enhance the floor space and give more counter space for multiple users to work, making it friendly household staff to operate within the kitchen. European style kitchens are smaller and have all the kitchen tasks coordinated into a central space, which makes it ideal for a couple of users.

European Modular Kitchens| PlanmyinteriorBest of Both Worlds:

The ideal modular kitchen is a mix and max of both the Indian style and the European style modular kitchens. offers just that. Our modular kitchens are finished to European quality, with the superior raw materials, and they are even designed to withstand the rigors of Indian cooking. With a local manufacturing facility, the kitchen is also budget-friendly, catering to Indian contemporary customer. Therefore, for choosing your modular kitchen, consider the elements of price, quality, and design to choose the best kitchen for you!

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