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In creating a brand new space, the conversation of the finish always comes up. Whether it is the wardrobe or kitchen, the finish defines the look of the entire space and can impact the remaining interior design. Planmyinterior has several finishes, but the basics of finishes start with gloss vs. Matte finishes. Before even getting into whether you want to laminate finish or an acrylic finish, the first step is to be decided whether you want a glass or a matte. A gloss finish or a matte dramatically makes up the look of the entire space, whether it is a kitchen or a wardrobe. So, here are some of the finish which would work best for you:

Matte Finish:

The matte finish is often seen in the traditional layout and the furniture designs, but it is steadily growing popular in the wardrobe designs and modern kitchen. The matte finish gives up a very muted appearance and adds up an element of sophistication to a given sort of space.

Pros of Matte Finish:

  • Due to its muted imperfections, appearance such as the fingerprints and scratches are less noticeable and can easily be camouflaged within the cabinetry.
  • There is increased color consistency because there is no reflection of light on the cabinet the finish appears more smooth and consistent.

Cons of Matte Finish:

  • The matte finish is not that much as smooth as the gloss finish, which can even make it a little more challenging to clean. Moreover, the cleaning process is still fairly straightforward.
  • The matte finish does not reflect the light, but it absorbs light so that one has to be so much care in choosing a matte finish for a smaller kitchen design. The darker matt colors especially can even make space feel much smaller, rather than larger.

Matte Finish | PlanMyInteriorGloss Finish

The Gloss finish is extremely popular for the modern kitchen interiors. Many of the homeowners are opting for a high gloss finish for their modular kitchen or the modular wardrobes. The gloss has a shiny finish, which even reflects the lights.

Pros of Gloss Finish:

  • The gloss finish reflects light, which is great for smaller spaces: such as small wardrobe designs or small kitchen layouts. The reflective nature of the gloss gives the illusion that an area is larger than actually is.
  • The smooth surface of the gloss cabinetry makes them very easy to clean, which even requires a simple use of a microfiber cloth.

Matte Finish | PlanMyInteriorCons of Gloss Finish:

  • The reflective nature of the gloss finish shows up the imperfections very quickly. Moreover, scratches and fingerprints are immediately visible. This is especially common with the dark gloss tones, where the imperfections show up the even more than on the lighter colors.

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