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Regardless of your lifestyle and home layout, the kitchen is a more happening space in the house. It is where the families gather, memories are created and where the daily activity happens. When we invest our lives in a household, our homes evolve with each sort of phase. Families grow, trends keep on change, and there are also some of the different requirements with each passing phase. So, below are some of the tips to easily evolve your kitchen with each passing phase, starting with toddlers and babies, to school kids and teenagers, to grow up children or no children at all:


When you have the toddlers in the home, hygiene is the main key for the same. Designating a work area in your kitchen for your infant food and cleaning items is ideal. Moreover, your baby items will not get mixed up in the remaining aspects of the kitchen, as they will remain much more hygienic, and your baby bottles, food, pacifiers, and milk can also be in just one space.

Growing your Kitchen | Planmyinterior
School Aged Kids:

School-aged kids in your home invite with a lot of sticky fingers from the clumsy eating. At this age, some kids will start wanting to help a little bit more in the kitchen. At this point of time, more items will spill on your chairs and surfaces. Moreover, to prevent any severe stains, make sure your countertops and cabinet shutters are appropriately sealed and cleaned regularly to maintain the “new” look of the kitchen.


As kids grow older, so does this homework load. In an open house layout where the kitchen is a part of the living room or the main household, the dining room becomes a permanent desk for these teenagers, which makes them very close to the kitchen. While teenagers are going with this phase, they are even going to multiple, physical, mental and emotional changes where their body is even consuming with a large amount of energy. Therefore, there is one thing which they even constantly need: food. Ensure that an area of your kitchen is fully stalked with easy to eat, healthy snack to consume in between meals.

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Grown-up children/No children at all:

At this point in time, your teenagers have grown up and are beginning lives of their own. Whether it is attending college out or starting work in a town or out of a town, the kitchen is now a space that has a little less messy activity. Moreover, it is the perfect time to renovate and redecorate!

A kitchen is an ever-changing spot in the home! As we keep on create moments, memories, a kitchen grows with us and evolves this time. As you continue to invest in your kitchen, be sure to update it with the changing times!

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