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Nowadays many of the contemporary homeowners face a constant confusion of which style to include in their home. For this type of homeowners, there is a solution: combining both the closed and open. Having the access and ventilation that comes with an open kitchen and can be closed when required. There are variety of ways to combine both the styles. We have tried to explain some of them below:

Sliding doors:

One option is to incorporate the sliding doors, where your kitchen can be opened as well as closed. The sliding doors can be hidden into the wall when not in use and can be pulled out easily when required to close. This allows the kitchen to be closed or open.


Open Kitchen| PlanMyInterior.comGlass Partition:

Instead of having a solid door, one can also consider a glass partition to separate the kitchen. It still make the kitchen appearance accessible to the rest of the house. With the glass partition, one can even ventilate the kitchen by letting natural light in the entire area with other parts of the home. It also keep the sounds and smells within the kitchen area. A glass partition emphasizes and highlights the modern kitchen design.

Translucent door:

Another option which is going along the same line as a glass partition is a translucent door. The translucent door is perfect for those who wish to close off the kitchen but still want the open feeling and light. When the door is shut, it will block out the cooking smell and appliances sound without appearing that the kitchen is entirely separate from the rest of the house.

Add a half wall:

A half wall shows the parts of the kitchen, yet it creates that desired separation. It hides most of the working surfaces, by hiding the mess and it even allows the user to mix and mingle with others outside the kitchen. The half wall area becomes an interaction point, without having any of the extra bodies within the kitchen.

Have an Open Kitchen | PlanMyInterior.comRaised Platform:

Another way to get the privacy is to raise the height of the end of the kitchen to keep the work area less visible.

Quieter appliances:

For those who mostly prefer to have a closed kitchen to reduce the nose in the house, they can consider investing in quieter appliances. There are the wide range of noise-free appliances that can easily do the job without creating that undesirable ruckus.