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As already discussed in the previous blog, that choosing a kitchen sink requires considering the multiple aspects. The previous blog was of considering the sink material and the number of basins the kitchen sink should have. The blog also elaborated that there are several materials options, each with their own sort of benefits and that whether a kitchen sink has 1, 2, 3 basins, all of them can even add to the kitchen space in some of the other way. In this blog, let’s have a further look at some other factors to consider in finalizing the kitchen sink: fit, shape, and accessories.

Sink Shape:

It is available in two different basic shapes: rounded or rectangular. The cons and pros of each are given below:


A farmhouse sink is a large, single basin. The sink gives a vintage vibe to many kitchens. The most distinctive feature of the farmhouse sink is the apron towards the front, which most of the homeowner’s love.

Double farmhouse:

The double farmhouse is the same as a normal farmhouse, except it has two basins instead of one. It just lacks the truly vintage style which the single basin sink has.

Right Sink for Your Kitchen | Planmyinterior

Rounded Sink:

Instead of a rectangular sink, many of the homeowners prefer a round sink or a sink with the curved edges. Moreover, this sink shapes takes away from the sleek, clean lines of a contemporary kitchen style.

Build in Drain board:

The next step is to consider the accessorizing the kitchen sink. The most common accessory that is considered is a draining tray or board. The only factor to consider is that it has a draining board can obstruct with the full sink at once or even taking up the counter space.

Sink Fitting:

The final and most confusing part of choosing the kitchen sink are the fittings. In other words, that how the sink is placed in your kitchen space.

under mount:

Under mount sinks are the go-to choice today kitchens. They even compliment the streamline look in today’s contemporary kitchens, and also go well with some stone countertops. In the sink fitting, the stone countertop continuous along the upper edge of the sink, and then the sink is placed underneath.

Right Sink for Your Kitchen | Planmyinterior

Top mount:

Top mount sinks sit on the top of the counter surface. In a top mount sink the edges of the sink shown on the surface of the countertop.

Overall, It requires great planning and thought. To compliment your entire design in usage, it is necessary to start with the material, consider the number of basins, finalize the shape and then figure out how it should fit within your kitchen. For your kitchen sink, consider these two blogs, and it will address all of your concerns for a kitchen sink.

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