In the older times, almost every house in India had a Pooja room. Moreover, with the modern urban lifestyle that includes a tiny box like apartments often the home layout does include a Pooja area. So, here is a tip on everything which you need to know about the modern Pooja room designs in small houses and apartments.

What are some of the Vastu guidelines for installing a Pooja room in the kitchen?

In some houses and apartments, one has no alternative than to incorporate the Pooja space in a cabinet or the corner of the kitchen. While it is not ideal to have it in the kitchen, there is no harm in doing so as well. Moreover, it is essential to be aware of the dos and doesn’t with respect to the location of the unit in relation to the stove, regarding the bin and water source to ensure that the positivity of the Pooja room is not compromised a bit. Just like the other areas, the northeast direction is the ideal place for the Mandir.

What are the types of materials that are best for mandirs or the pooja rooms?

Wood is recommended material for the Pooja spaces as it is natural. It is also easy to create a simple Pooja mandir design with wood and if space is scarce in the home, one can even use the wood to build shelves or cabinets to arrange the idols. Depending on the budget and the preferred size of the mandir, it is much more easy to find suitable designs in the wood. Natural stones such as the granite and mandir are also the popular material for mandirs.

At the time of looking at the small Pooja, cabinet designs try to choose those with the double shutter doors. As these doors open outward, a single door will be going to pose a hindrance in the area.

What is the best and ideal type of flooring for the pooja room?

The flooring in a Pooja room should be easy to clean every day as it is much vital to refresh the energy in the space and keep it free from dirt, insects or the dust. Since the mandir is a part of a larger room in the home, the flooring should also match the rest of the room. Moreover, if the pooja area is in a niche, one can change the flooring in that section to give it a distinct identity. Just like with the Pooja mandir designs, naturals tone and wood are the preferred materials for the flooring of the Pooja rooms. Ceramic tiles are also another practical solution since they are easy to maintain.