Storage, counter space, seating, prep station - a kitchen island can be all these things and more. Because of its usual location in the center of the kitchen, the island becomes a natural focal point.
An ergonomic design that fits in beautifully into whatever size your kitchen is, a parallel kitchen is just what you need for more workspace. With aesthetics similar to an alleyway, you have the chance to pack it with storage on both walls.
U-shaped are probably the most practical of kitchen layouts and can provide an additional storage. They are good for large spaces, as well as small kitchens benefit from a U-shaped design.
Modular Kitchens for Today, Tomorrow
Modular Kitchens for Today, Tomorrow
Modular Kitchens make life easier. These are no more a luxury, but a need. And with PlanMyInterior, pronounced specialists in modular kitchen manufacturers, installation and conception of a modular kitchen is as simple and swift as 1-2-3-4. Our Modular Kitchens are style, sophistication, convenience, safety and function, all rolled into one.

Your Dream Kitchen We Design What You Need

  • Kitchen Units
  • Shutter Finishes
  • Cabinet Materials
Widest selection of modules

We offer the widest selection of modules, from top International brands, offering endless possibilities for kitchen design that exactly fits your space and requirements.

Big on Style

Whether it’s your favourite color or a well-emulated authentic wood pattern, sobriety with a matt finish or high-gloss glamour - with us you’d find yourself spoilt for choice.

Best Raw Materials

Your modular kitchen is available in a variety of top-quality materials, to last you a lifetime


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