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We all have heard of this phrase “The Kitchen is the heart of the home”. As the most used room, it naturally deserves special attention, care, and love to be the best space it can be. With the simplistic contemporary tactics, one can easily make a kitchen appear sophisticated and classy. So, here are some of the characteristics of sophisticated kitchens:

Open Shelving:

Open shelving is the way of the kitchen design. It makes a small space look bigger, add to the modern kitchens and even creates a sense of openness.

Modern movement:

Sophisticated kitchens are implementing a lot of today within the design of the kitchen. From gizmos to gadgets to sleeker design pieces, today kitchen shaves much more unboxed elements that slide across countertops and sink units to create a much classier look.

Sophisticated Kitchens | Planmyinterior


Incorporating steel in a kitchen is also becoming much more prevalent. Sophisticated kitchens have more stainless steel applications and sink, giving a sleek and clean look to the entire space. Stainless steel is not only the more attractive, but it is also more advanced and hygienic. Moreover, steel does not have to be limited only to appliances. It can also be used in fixtures such as the faucets, handles, or a part of the lighting fixtures.

Make Space for the Tech:

As nowadays, we live in a time where we are always on our tablets, laptops phones. They follow us everywhere in the house from the bedroom to the kitchen. Having with all the latest technology, along with the charging cords can get extremely on a kitchen counter. With all the other activity that goes on kitchen space, worrying about the technology getting damaged is the last thing that any user wants. The solution to this is to have a hidden charging station.

Natural Light:

Finally, all sophisticated kitchens have natural lighting. Natural lighting is not only eco-friendly, but it even creates an inviting atmosphere within the kitchen space. It brings the outdoors in and makes space look even brighter. Natural lighting is also cost-effective, as it allows you to avoid using artificial lighting during bright daylight hours.

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