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Everywhere we see that the open kitchens are all the rage in today latest homes. Moreover, the concept of an open kitchen is becoming most popular, it does not mean that the closed kitchen should be completely ignored. In fact, the process of deciding the best kitchen for your home should start with your lifestyle and preferences. Both the types of kitchens come with their own set of pros and cons and each type is chosen to match the homeowner’s practicality and lifestyle. So, here are the pros and cons of both the open and closed kitchen.

Open Kitchens:

The open kitchen is integrated into the remaining rooms of the home. Typically, the kitchen is visible from the living room and the dining room as well. This kitchen design has fewer walls, and it is becoming much more popular among the nuclear families in the Indian metropolises. In the open kitchen homes, the kitchen is a very social and interactive space, where the family members are spending their lots of time in the kitchen.

  • Kitchen user is able to be involved in other home conversations and events at the time of being in the kitchen.
  • Naturally brighter and better ventilated.
  • Open kitchens give an informal atmosphere to the home.
  • It makes the room or home look much bigger.
  • Open kitchen also provides with an informal atmosphere to the kitchen.
  • With the aromas of food, a family’s appetite increases
  • It is perfect for the younger families, where the kids can be supervised and even the kitchen tasks can be conducted at the same point of time.

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  • Can lead to guests wandering into space
  • Becomes a place to entertain
  • Needs to be aesthetic and functional at the same point of time.

Closed kitchen:

The Closed kitchen is where the kitchen is a separate room or enclosure, almost isolated from the rest of the house. Moreover, these kitchens are behind the door, and it is an area of its own. The kitchen is a functional, simple space to gets the tasks done quickly.

  • Closed kitchens are perfect for those who most need privacy at the time of conducting tasks
  • It is ideal to keep the noise, interruptions, and distraction within a confined space.
  • The closed kitchen keeps all the aromas confined just within the space.
Closed Kitchen_PlanmyinteriorCons
  • The user will be unable to participate and some other activities at the time of conducting tasks
  • In the closed kitchen, there is lesser access of the natural light and air circulation.

No matter both the styles have their pros and cons. Today, both these reflect the contemporary home lifestyle and décor.