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The choices which are available in the market when you go to purchase kitchen countertops can be so much overwhelming. But among the wide range of categories of materials like the wood, stone, laminate and some other solid surfaces sold in the market for the kitchen countertops, people in general look for the durability, value for money and aesthetic beauty. While, colors, finish, and patterns of material play a major role in the kitchen countertop selection every buyer should also keep in mind some of the basic criteria of pros and cons of each variety before making a hasty purchase. The colors and texture of kitchen counters also establish the mood of the area décor like the natural stone for the country style kitchen and laminate or steel one for a modern kitchen.

Here are the details about few commonly used kitchen countertop materials that can help to make up your mind about the most suitable one.

Laminated board counters

Besides appearing attractive, kitchen counters have to endure weight from the varieties of cold and hot vessels and as well withstand liquids that can cause stains. The laminate kitchen countertop is best suited in these situations. The low cost of laminate kitchen countertops in comparison of the stone, wood, marble, etc, makes it an attractive option for the buyers looking for the inexpensive choices to change the existing old and chipped counters.

Natural stones

The durability of natural stone and their ability to withstand stains make them the most wanted material for the counters in the kitchens. Of the three common varieties of naturals tones comprising of granite, limestone, marble, and soapstone are used to design kitchen countertops among which granite is the most common.

Steel Kitchen counters

Stainless steel countertops are available in three types of finishes which is matte, smooth and specialty finishes. In the specialty finishes its strength is enhanced with the 10% of chromium. This metal alloy is 100 percent recyclable and is also highly preferred by the modular kitchen designers. The biggest pros of the steel counters are that these are easy to maintain and impervious to corrosion, rust and also stains as they can be wiped down with the damp cloth and dishwashing soap.

Glass counters

You will be so much surprised at the number of texture, color and finish options available in the market for the glass countertops. You can even choose from the single solid color ones to the counters embedded with the full range of splashes of colors within its layers but that is not an eco-friendly option as its surface could be so much toxic and harmful.

Wooden countertops

Kitchen counters made of wood were common in most of the old kitchens until the new materials like the glass, steel, laminate, and granite and some other came into the picture that was more durable without the warm and aesthetic appeal of wood. But now these are coming back again into the market as advanced technology and chemical treatments that have also made them tough and resistant to water and termites. They also offer a wide range of choices in colors, grain orientation and texture due to the different types of wood species available in the market.

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