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The backsplash is that part of the kitchen which most of the time we forget about. Moreover, it also greatly impacts the overall aesthetics of your kitchen. A backsplash brings the entire kitchen color scheme together, which even allows for an element of design in the kitchen. So, below are some of the chic backsplashes that can work in the today modern kitchen!

Turkish Style:

The bold backsplash adds that immediate burst of color to the entire white kitchen. The intricate pattern and design brings the viewers to focus immediately to the backsplash of the kitchen.

Industrial Chic:

The metallic style backsplash is modern, and even emphasizes more on the industrial elements of the kitchen. Complementing the neutral tones, the backsplash even adds a sheen and another dimension of color with its reflection.

French country style:

This backsplash is classic French country style with the green and brown hues complementing the rustic looking, neoclassical cabinetry. The backsplash brings an element of color to this neutral kitchen. The green tone even makes this backsplash pop.


Some of the Chic Kitchen Backsplashes | PlanmyinteriorMarble Slab:

In the kitchen, marble slab is serving as a backsplash along with a matching island. The marble design offsets the clean, sleek lines of the white kitchen, which adds some variation and giving the kitchen some visual appearance and interest.


This backsplash is especially most of the interesting. With the sleek neutral cabinets, the wavy colorful backsplash adds a variety of texture, color, and style. The bright blue and green waves greatly complement the wooden cabinetry, light brown. In the kitchen, the backsplash immediately becomes the focal point for the kitchen.


A checkered backsplash adds a retro vibe to the small kitchen. This 1950s style is modernized with the sleek, white cabinetry and a black countertop.

Chic Kitchen Backsplashes | PlanmyinteriorLong Glass Subway Tiles:

This tile backsplash adds a great sophisticated to the kitchen. The lighter color complements the sleek wood cabinetry, which matches the island in front of it.

Moroccan Style:

Moroccan style always add an exotic appeal to any room. This colorful backsplash brings the remaining kitchen doors together looks beautifully. The countless colors allow the users to create a color environment at the time of using a kitchen.

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