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With a growing population, the overall living spaces are becoming much smaller. More and more families are moving to apartments and flats, building smaller houses or even choosing to have a smaller kitchen to give room to the rest of the house. As a result of which many of the consumers are accommodating in a smaller space, compromising on space and most essentially, storage. When it comes to designing or building storage is the first thing that is compromised. As a result of which the recent change in living situations, new storage solutions have to be designed to accommodate the maximum storage in the smallest amount of area. PLanmyinterior.com specializes in creating the optimum kitchen storage for your space. The Planmyinterior.com storage solutions are economically designed for the optimal storage capacity.


The Planmyinterior.com cabinets are deeper than the standard cabinets. To create that little extra bit of storage, Planmyinterior.com cabinets are 350 mm deep, which is even 30-50 mm more than the standard amount.

Some of the Efficient Storage Solutions in a PlanMyInterior.com KitchenVertically inclined:

To accommodate the maximum space, Planmyinterior.com in offers the various vertical solutions to store your kitchen items. Rather than taking up more floor space and adding some of the extra cabinets Planmyinterior.com efficiently uses the limited floor space to maximize the storage efficiently.

Spot for everything:

Planmyinterior.com provides with the easy storage solutions to accommodate everything in your kitchen. Special accessories are available to recognize your crockery and cutlery and prevent it from sliding around or falling over. These accessories are easily accommodated into your drawers and cabinets and even include the individual slots to organize everything in a more efficient way, it will allow for more storage in your drawers and cabinets!

Efficient Storage Solutions in a PlanMyInterior.com KitchenBuilt-in Appliances:

Another effort Planmyinterior.com takes is to build in any appliances. Rather than have to have a freestanding microwave or toaster oven taking up space on the counter. Planmyinterior.com provides the options to accommodate the microwave and oven as a part of a kitchen unit. This way you will have more counter space to put to good use!

Planmyinterior.com kitchen designs are storage-oriented to accommodate the most effective solutions for your kitchen! Even in the smallest areas, our space planning counsltants are expert in utilizing any space for storage!

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