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There is no use of designing an office that has beautiful architecture and interiors but even lacks in Vastu; you will not be able to achieve the kind of success you could have with the Vastu. Vastu and Feng Shui are interchangeable, where one has roots in India and some other in the Chinese term. Before designing your office according to the Feng Shui, it is much more crucial to understand which part of the office is interconnected with the specific areas of your life. For this, Begua Map comes handy.

Here are some of the encapsulated Feng Shui tips for the office that will be helpful to you, if you are planning for the minor changes:

1. Office Desk

Place your desk in such a way that you have a direct view of the main door and there should be a wall behind you, this suffices the stability and beautiful view of outside. The shape of the desk can also have an impact on mood and productivity. Look for the desks that have rounded curves, this even promotes creativity. In that case, there are some of the multiple desks, that you can place two desks diagonally facing towards the main door and rest of the tables or desk which can be placed diagonally facing the center of the room.

2. Lights

No artificial light could substitute natural daylight. Place your desk around the window. Moreover, it should not be too close to the windows since it would also cause the strain on your eyes. Also, avoid using the fluorescent light, use the warm lights instead. Make sure that your office entrance is also well lit. It will even enhance your energy and mood.

3. Door

If your office entrance has a partial partition or wall, hang a mirror over it. Moreover, if the doors at the entrance face the hallway to each other, which are not appropriately aligned then merely place a mirror in front of the doors.

4. The exterior of the Office

It is not only the interiors, but the exteriors of your office also play an essential role in your work life. The passageway of your office should be good for the eyes. Avoid buying an office at the end of the T intersection, instead, look for the corner. Also, make sure that the neighbor of your working place is prospering; it even reflects positivity and calmness.

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