Some of the inspirations from the best Industrial Kitchen Designs | PlanMyInterior

With one of the option being the eclectic design, now another sought-after look is the industrial style kitchen. It is little more on the palette of neutral color with the more metallic touches and accents. So, check out here how you can simply incorporate the inspire restaurant look into your kitchen:

Natural elements:

Taking inspiration from the modern design, the industrial style is defined by the natural, undressed tones such as the eclectic brick and grainy woods tones. These natural tones define the color palette of the entire kitchen. It gives casual elegance that is typically not achieved. A popular natural element in this design is the mixture of contrasting wood undertones, which gives kitchen a natural and understated visual appeal.

Industrial Kitchen | PlanMyInteriorNo Upper Cabinets:

Another aspect of the industrial style kitchen is skipping the wall cabinet storage. Although, some of the significant storage can be a part of the kitchen without the upper cabinetry. The ideas of the lesser wall cabinets are to keep the kitchen look airy and open, and is it is a great opportunity to simply display any of the cookware and collections.


Plants in the kitchen are a great balance against the natural tones and the metallic touches. With all the neutral color palette and natural finishes, plants bring both the life and color to the kitchen. A great alternative to plants is even having an indoor tree so as to bring some color to the kitchen space.

Track lighting:

Track lighting is another important characteristic of the industrial kitchen with using of spotlighting to illuminate tasks in the entire kitchen. With the help of lighting, one can easily get creative with either pendants or scones.

Industrial Kitchen Designs | PlanMyInteriorDine In Islands:

Finally, an industrial kitchen often has a table styled island, which will allow for the extra prep space just within the kitchen. The dining table island can be paired with the benches or chairs for a more understated option. The metallic edging on the benches will also be going to highlight the industrial appeal just within the kitchen space.

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