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When it comes to choosing the colors for your kitchen, the process can be so much overwhelming. Which colors to start with? Which color scheme to choose? Will the colors I choose even work together? These are some of the questions that overwhelm any homeowner mind when it comes to finalizing in the colors for a kitchen space. As an area of high activity, the kitchen requires special attention in finalizing the overall look and feel of the space.

Check out these color palettes below for some design inspiration!

Soft Neutrals:

A very safe bet for any kitchen colors scheme is the soft neutrals. The beige and the ivory shades add sophistication to the kitchen with a touch of colors in the soft blues. All of these soft colors create a very serene and calming kitchen design.

Kitchen Color Palettes | Planmyinterior

Bold, Mudstone, & Soft:

One trick with choosing a three-color scheme for a kitchen is to take shade from each type, a bold, a soft, and milestone. By using these three types of colors, one can easily create the balanced color scheme within the kitchen itself.

Cool Breeze:

The dominating color with the cool breeze is a lighter shade of turquoise with the bright colors accent pieces and decorative elements. The balance of both the shiny and soft is brought together by the muted backsplash and white colored countertop.


All of us monthly consider the classic brown and white color scheme of the kitchen. The wooden look of the Broner shades in always inviting and warm. Moreover, mixing the brown and white with the grey adds instant sophistication to an already classic color scheme.

Kitchen Color Palettes | Planmyinterior

Coastal Cool:

As the name suggests the coastal cool colors are a beach like and bright as well. Bringing the clear beach/ocean blue water tones and brightening it with a pop of orange to create that much more striking appeal.

Apple Green/Jungle Theme:

This color palette can be easily determined as either the green apple of the jungle/forest. With this scheme, bring in the outdoor style colors into your home interiors. The contrast of the brown and green flooring with the green cooking zone and the brown island is easily balanced with the surrounding white cabinetry, which makes it attractive and striking to visualize.

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