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In today’s day and age, the style of the household is kept on changing. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see that both the partners in a couple working and managing the household at the same point of time. Moreover, the style and dynamic if the overall household is evolving. Today the role of a kitchen has changed tremendously. So, below are some of the ways that how the role of the kitchen has evolved over time:

Most active room in the household:

There was a time where only those who used or worked the kitchen entered the kitchen now, the kitchen has become much more than space for the basic tasks. It is a place where the food is cooked, recipes are created, families and friends gather and new memories are formed.

Kitchen | PlanmyinteriorKitchen space is larger:

As a result of the kitchen is getting more crowded, the kitchen size is becoming larger. For the smaller apartments, the kitchens are being designed to look much more spacious and inviting to onlookers and guests.

Artistic upgrades:

Now that kitchen is slowly becoming a larger social space is connected to the remainder of the household, there is an ongoing effort to completely customize the kitchen o match the remainder of the house. Earlier, the kitchen used to be designed solely for the purpose of practicality and completing tasks. Moreover, now more design elements are considered, such as the colors, lighting to match the theme, and even appropriate countertops. Nowadays, more often than before, a kitchen is seen as a space that should be beautiful and inviting to everybody who sees it.


Use of technology:

With the latest advances in technology, there are some of the amazing options to use in the kitchen. From small elements such as the iPad/iPhone holder to access a recipe to a higher tech toaster and oven, option for technologically upgrading your kitchens are endless. With our lives continuing to get busier and busier, many of the homeowners are beginning to invest in hi-tech, efficient appliances to complete all the necessary tasks.

In a home, the kitchen is an ever-evolving space. Kitchen functionality and design are continuously changing to accommodate to today buddy lifestyle. Aesthetics and practicality are being combined to ensure that today homeowners achieve that ideal, multipurpose kitchen. At, our space planning consultants are experts in designing aesthetics and practical kitchens for today generation. For the consultation, feel free to contact us!

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