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Finalizing the colors for your kitchen can be an endless process. There is a wide range of colors, palettes, and combinations to choose from. From a basic black and white kitchen to every other color in the spectrum, follow the steps by steps guide to ease down the decision process for finalizing the kitchen colors process:

Choosing Cabinet colors:

Kitchen cabinets are generally 60% of your kitchen budget and occupy 40% of the visual space in your kitchen. Moreover, it is best to start with your cabinets. In this step, it is not necessary to finalize the exact color of your cabinet. Moreover, the color family is also essential.

Choosing countertops colors:

The next aspect of your kitchen is the countertops. After the cabinets, the countertops take up most of the visual space in your kitchen. The countertops can serve as a focal point to compliment your kitchen. Depending on the color family, you have decided the questions to address whether you want naturals tone or a specific material to serve as a countertop. At we have a wide range of countertop options that complement the kitchen cabinets beautifully.

Steps for Choosing a Color Scheme for your Kitchen | PlanMyInteriorChoosing Appliances Colors:

Appliances colors are usually neutrally colored items that go in any kitchen. At the appliances are provided as kitchen add-ons in stainless, complementing any color combination for your kitchen.

Choose Flooring Colors:

The Kitchen floor color will bring the countertop, appliances and cabinet color together. Moreover, it is also essential to decide the cabinets, appliances, and countertops before even finalizing your kitchen design. Whether you choose various tiles or wooden flooring, it will also greatly impact the look of the kitchen.

Choosing a Color Scheme for your Kitchen | PlanMyInterior
Choosing a proper backsplash color:

A backsplash is meant to enhance the color which you have finalized for your kitchen. There is a wide range of backsplash option to choose from, and it is also recommended to consult a designer for choosing your kitchen backsplash.

Choosing Wall Colors:

We most of the time forget about the backdrop and its impact on the overall color scheme. For the walls which are surrounding the kitchen space, be sure even to pick a color that balances your colors as well complimenting the overall color scheme for your kitchen.

At the time of finalizing your kitchen scheme, the list above will help you to make your decision process much easier. By doing so, you will also be able to check off all items which are needed to create a beautiful kitchen.

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