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Deciding the ideal colors for your kitchen can be a cumbersome task. Moreover, we choose the colors we have seen in our childhood. For example, if we have good memories in a white kitchen, we will choose a white kitchen for ourselves. Moreover, all types of colors enhance the environment of your kitchen. You can choose and add countless color combinations to communicate specific energies or vibes via the entire room!


Red color draws immediate attention in any room. Adding red colors to the kitchen automatically raises energy levels and stimulate appetite. In fact, many food companies use red in their packaging to increase appetite for that particular food items! The red color adds warmth to any room, and can even make for an active kitchen environment.

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Orange is a brightening color that has expansive elements. It gives the illusion that a room is bigger than it actually is. The orange color is known for giving off great energy and stimulating appetite. This color also encourages communication, which can even lead to a very social atmosphere within the kitchen or while entertaining others as well.


Yellow is another color that makes a room color. It encourages communication with others and is known to add the “sunshine” and happiness to any room. Just like other warm colors, yellow has a soothing quality, where people often feel happy in their bright surrounding. Yellow in the kitchen goes very well with white and grey or simply as one of the single colors.


Green is a unique color that combines multiple elements. Composed of multiple shades, it pairs nicely with the classic aspect of wood or with the modern aspect of white. It also mixes the energy of yellow with the calmness of blue, which creates a calming and pleasant atmosphere for your kitchen.

Kitchen | PlanmyinteriorPurple:

Purple color for a kitchen is especially unique. It is very striking, and it even adds a luxurious and rich look to any room. Moreover, purple is a color that should be used sparingly for the kitchen. If the surrounding, are all neutrals, then a dark purple all-suite the room perfectly.

Best Neutral Colors

Neutral colors for a kitchen are more needed to balance the brighter colors in the kitchen. The best neutral colors are grey and white.

White: White colors give a very clean and fresh look, and it balances the energies given off by the other colors in the kitchen.

All shades of the different colors set a certain atmosphere in a kitchen. In the end, it all depends on your choice and your working style. If you prefer a calmer kitchen environment, go for blue or green. If you prefer a more social or energetic space, go for warmer colors like red, yellow or orange. If you prefer a more social or energetic space, so go for the warmer color like the yellow, orange, yellow. If you are not sure, call us and ask!

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