Kitchen Handles

One of the smallest and yet most crucial, details that can even make or break the look of a kitchen is the hardware. Hardware is especially in the form of handles, can accent and complement the kitchen really well, or it can completely take away from the entire design. Planmyinterior has both the handles less and with handle kitchen available. The handleless kitchen is a little more streamlined, but they require a unique mechanism which can increase the price as well. Moreover, a kitchen with handles is a more budget and economical friendly option to any user. There is an infinite number of handles available that greatly add to the overall design of the kitchen.  So, let’s have a look at what all needs to be checked while choosing the perfect handle for your cabinet.


Kitchen Handles1_PlanmyinteriorShape and Size: The first things that should be kept in mind is the shape and size of the handle. Not only does this impact the look of a kitchen, but it also determines the comfort in using the cabinetry.

Material: Handle materials vary across the many substances which even includes the bronze, iron, aluminum, nickel, and even the wood. Each material not only feels different in touch but also helps to enhance the look of the entire kitchen. As of now, steel-like or steel options are trending because they simply add to the modern look of the contemporary kitchen and are hygienic and easy to clean.

Style: Once the material is finalized then the next step is to consider the overall style: no matter whether you prefer a conventional handle, recessed pulls, flat bar pulls,  knob, etc. in other words the overall style of handle for the kitchen. These days, knobs add an element of uniqueness to the kitchen, while recessed pulls are becoming a much more popular option for the contemporary kitchens.


Design: The next aspect to consider is the overall design of the handle. The design of the handle merely depends on two factors: The ease and comfort in use and the general look of the kitchen. Both of these factors determine the ideal handle for your kitchen. The handle should reflect the overall style of the kitchen and your home.