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1. Open Kitchen Layout

One wall kitchen, which is also known as a single wall kitchen or a straight kitchen is ideal for the apartment, little, and guest houses, especially in all the metropolitan cities that lack space. Though the single wall kitchens have a classic layout they are often questioned for their dull design, monotonous look and even lack of functionality. Breaking these stereotypes below are some of the easy tips to turn your simple straight kitchen into a functional and stylish kitchen.

Open layout kitchen, adjoined with the living room makes your kitchen look bigger, airy and spacious. However, it allows you to interact with your family members, keep an eye on your kids while even making convenient for you to serve.

One Wall Kitchen | Planmyinterior

2. Charming Backsplash in One Wall Kitchens

Give your modular kitchen a classy look with the charming backsplash. Countertops and plain cabinets give dull look to a kitchen, but when teamed up with nicely done backsplash, they even take your kitchens look a notch higher.

3. Chalk it Up On Your One Wall Kitchen

If you are someone who loves the jotting down everything, this is the best option for you. A small blackboard or a backsplash painted in chalkboard or black vinyl sheets posted on the cabinets can be used to chalk down weekly menu, recipe or a what to do list.

4. Add a Pop of Color to One Wall Kitchen

A single color throughout the kitchen may even look monotonous and boring, and a pop color will not only brace the entire look of the kitchen, but it also adds a  new personality to your kitchen. The best way to break the monotony is to paint a solid color on the middle of your one wall kitchen.

5. Minimalist One-Wall Modular Kitchen

Less or more! Minimalist kitchen is all about the sleek design, redefined look, and monochromatic color. All while the modular kitchen with the wooden countertops is a classic minimalist look. To give it a modern touch you can even combine the wooden work with bright or pastel colors or black, which is another classic color.

6. Increase Storage in your One Wall Kitchen

Amp up your modular kitchen with sufficient storage. Cabinets, shelves, and a pantry will optimize your kitchen layout. The storage could be used for spices, storing cutlery, crockeries and some other essential stuff that are mundane for the kitchen.

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