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Customizing a home to your specifications and requirements from start to finish is a wonderful and overwhelming thought all day the same point of time. There is always the major concern of whether we still like the design choices we see the final outcome. Who wants to pay for the foreign work they don’t like? Making sure what your home will look like before it’s built always helps. This is when you need a 3D model.

At we provide with the customizable 3D models for any of the modular kitchen or wardrobe. You will be able to view your modular kitchen or wardrobe before the production process to ensure that we match your exact requirement. So, here are some of the reasons why you would need a 3D view.

3D vs. 2D:

2 Dimensional design appear on the flat on a sheet of a paper. Although they even provide you with a general idea of the floor plan, you may have trouble visualizing how the actual design will look for. For example, 2D visual of a modular kitchen at will show the floor plan, with the location of each kitchen cabinet. Moreover, a 3D visual will show you the colors, the orientation and the overall design of your kitchen. By viewing the same exact kitchen in 3D, you will be more comfortable moving forward with your decision.

Why You Need a 3D View for kitchen | PlanmyinteriorAble to understand the elevations:

A 3D model allows you as a client to understand the overall elevation of your space. For example, when you receive a modular kitchen schematic, the dimensions are simply mentioned and you would have to measure yourself. Moreover, in a 3D model, you would have been given a clearer orientation of how high your kitchen cabinets or wardrobe is. It may even make you rethink your overall arrangement.

Realistic appearance:

If your vendor is using good 3D software, then your 3D models will look much more realistic. Along with the colors, a 3D model will also show the finish texture, the effect of any lightings such as the sun rays from a window, or overhead lighting. If the finish you choose for your modular kitchen or wardrobe has a certain texture, it will definitely show in the 3D model.

3D View for kitchen | PlanmyinteriorAble to make changes:

Since 3D models are the best way to view your design before the actual construction. They give you a chance to evaluate your options and view any changes that need to be made. Making a change in a 3D model is very simple. All it takes is a simple click on a computer to ensure that the change is made!

A 3D model can ease the design process in building your home. As a tool, it gives you more clarity on what exactly is required and what you prefer. At we offer all of our clients a free 3D design of their wardrobe or modular kitchen. We strongly focus on the wants and needs of our customers to ease up the design and homebuilding process. Whenever looking into a vendor, make sure they can do a 3D!

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