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The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is where most of the daily activity happens. A kitchen brings about some of the certain lifestyles. Many of our lifestyles, choices even impact the ideal kitchen layout for your household. There are also different layouts and designs that suit particular household environments. Different lifestyle scenarios and the recommended layouts are provided below:

Plenty of Entertaining, Involve Family and Kids in the Kitchen Activities

If you do a lot of entertainment or simply involve the family in the daily kitchen activities, as it is best to have a more open kitchen layout. The spacious kitchen layouts are the L shaped kitchen and the straight kitchen. Both of them allows for the natural interaction with one another. The L shaped kitchen is perfect for open style living, and multiple users can enjoy the kitchen at once. The larger L shaped kitchens can have an island with high seating or a dining table in the center which even allows the kitchen to become a more social atmosphere. The straight kitchen is a single wall layout that is perfect for smaller spaces. Although this kitchen can even hold a limited number of users, the layout can also be easily complimented a high table for the extra seating. This seating space will even allow the kitchen user to openly interact with others.

-The kitchen is a private space for kitchen-related activities only

If the kitchen is a private space for the members of the household to access, then it is best to have a more enclosed kitchen design. An ideal choice for a private kitchen is the U shaped kitchen. Covering the three walls, the U shaped kitchen additional onlookers out and away from the kitchen activities. This kitchen has extensive counter space, and one side of the kitchen can easily be used to add seating.

The kitchen is a space where everything needs to be done quickly and smoothly

In the household, if the kitchen is a space where the tasks need to be done efficiently and quickly, the parallel kitchen is an ideal layout. This layout consists of two, long parallel working spaces that are the same length, which also usually covers the length of the entire room. This layout even has an extensive storage and counter space, and it is even appreciated for everything being stored with an easy reach.

Your Kitchen and Your Lifestyle | PlanmyinteriorSo, these are a couple of the lifestyle scenarios that can really impact the overall layout and organizations of your kitchen. For some other specification, feel free to contact us! Our space planning consultants can easily provide with the ideal layout to suit your particular needs.

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